This board was developed to get even more out of small reef and beach breaks and is meant to be ridden 70% strapless 30% straped .

Compared to the now legendary 5'10"the 5'6" is a different outline, rocker line and with that a totaly different character. It feels instantly fast and will rocket upwind even in light wind with the right size kite. The turning is on a wider radius than the 5'10", until the back foot preasure is increased, then the board will take on a skateboard like feel.

The 5'6" is very loose and agile, every wave section tuns into a skate park.



The 5'6" kitesurfboard has the same durable construction as the 5'10" model,

Polyester core with wood stringer, laminated, to and bottom with a 4 and 6 ounce layer of polester resin and fibreglass, The deck has a laminate layer of bamboo sandwiched in between the two glass layers, creating a sandwich lay up.

The advantage of using polyurethane foam as the core material is important if you want a board that is durable and still has that live feel, which epoxy boards will never give you, another advantage of polyurethane is that there is no water in take of the board if you damage the board due to hitting reef or rocks, the board can be repaired localy, and will be as light as before.








The new TOOL Competition C kite is a further development of the THUNDERBIRD.

Through its years of experience KITEFACTORY has been able to develop a very direct C kite for dedicated freestylers and wake stylers.

The TOOL COMPETITION can be flown as a 4 line kite without a bridle. Riders wanting more depower, can leave the standard setting with the mini bridle and the 5th line for safety.

The C-shape of the leading edge and the new profile, give the wake stylers a clearly defined bar pressure point and the required line slack.


 •   Very direct bar feedback

 •   Explosive power release

 •   Line slack

 •   Mini SK90 Dyneema bridle without pulley in the front lines

 •   One Pump system

 •   Optional 5th line for safety



7m ² - 9m ² - 11m ² - 13m ²





The Kitefactory TOOL is an open C kite which combines the great characteristics of the COMPETITION TOOL C-kite (high rotational speed, direct bar feedback and power) with the massive range of the MAORI.

The TOOL is extremely stable in the air, has a large depower range and a defined pressure point. Therefore, it is very suitable for freestyle.

Freestyle kiters can fly the TOOL as a 4-line kite. And those who do not want to give up the safety, just use the KITEFACTORY wake or surf bar with the 5th line


TOOL Kite sizes:

5m ² - 7m ² - 9m ² - 11m ² - 13m ² - 15m ²



The Dragster is a true speed machine, with its low drag, high aspect canopy design, it will deliver you the power at your fingertips to transform into pure speed or increased lift. Control is easy and direct, no more battling a kite out of control.

The Dragster is the answer if your into racing or just want to get massive airtime.

  •     Huge depower due to the high aspect ratio

  •    Thin, low drag profile for more power

  •    High flight speed

  •    Explosive  power for massive boosing

  •    Fast one pump system

  •    Low bar pressure and steering forces

  •    Four line steering (5th line for safety)

Low bar pressure and steering forces enable a more relaxed kitesurfing expieriece. Thanks to the new 3mm Dyneema SK90-bridle system the quality of the kite was improved again. The steering commands are therefore transferd a lot directer, High up wind kiting(close-hauled course) even in light wind is no longer a problem due to the high AR (aspect ratio).

Feature Details:

The kite is equipped with the reliable, easy maintenance one-pump system. The entire kite fills rapidly via one valve. The build quality of KITEFACTORY kites and the choice of materials is exeptional!


Dragster Kite sizes:

12m ² - 15m ² - 18m ²






The new Maori II is smooth and powerfull, either as a wave kite or free ride kite. The Maori II has a C kite feel to it with a directness and turning speed unparralleled, it just eats through the gusts, drifts down the line and will deliver the power when required.

The Maori II is unique in the sense of combining handling, response and power.

Construction is super tough with reinforcing only where needed, so keeping the kite weight to a minimum
Lower bar pressure and steering forces were achieved by improving the stability of the bridle system, commands are much directer and predictable than on its predecessor. The response of the kite is immediate, you can feel exactly where the kite is located at any time. This is achieved by almost wear-free and low-stretch Dyneema SK90-bridles, which are also used on gliders. You can unhook with out having to deal with a complete change of the kites characteristics.  The  Maori II can also be flown with a 5th line and is one of the safest kites available to date.

The Maori II has the following new features over its predecessor:

Through the use of new materials and a refined shape, the rotational behavior / turning speed of the kite has clearly been improved.

An additional, new seam at the leading edge makes the MAORI II even tougher.

The bridle was fine tuned and with the new setup, it was possible to increase the range of the


Due to the new bridle setup and a linear power curve, the kite is more predictable than the first generation of MAORI kites. The power of the kite can now be adjusted better by the position of the bar.

The safety is still guaranteed by the huge depower range, Of course this kite, like all other KITEFACTORY models, can be flown with the additional 5th saftey line to ensure a low pressure emergency release.

Feature Details:

The kite is equipped with the reliable, easy maintenance one pump system. The entire kite fills rapidly via one valve.

The build quality of the KITEFACTORY kites and the choice of materials used, is truely amazing!

MAORI II Kite sizes:

6m ² - 8m ² - 10m ² - 12m ² - 14m ²
MAORI II Wind Range:

 6m approx 20 knots to 35 knots
 8m approx 18 knots to 30 knots
10m approx 15 knots to 26 knots
12m approx 10 knots to 22 knots

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