The new TOOL Competition C kite is a further development of the THUNDERBIRD.

Through its years of experience KITEFACTORY has been able to develop a very direct C kite for dedicated freestylers and wake stylers.

The TOOL COMPETITION can be flown as a 4 line kite without a bridle. Riders wanting more depower, can leave the standard setting with the mini bridle and the 5th line for safety.

The C-shape of the leading edge and the new profile, give the wake stylers a clearly defined bar pressure point and the required line slack.


 •   Very direct bar feedback

 •   Explosive power release

 •   Line slack

 •   Mini SK90 Dyneema bridle without pulley in the front lines

 •   One Pump system

 •   Optional 5th line for safety



7m ² - 9m ² - 11m ² - 13m ²

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