What's new about SUGARQUBE kiteboards ? Well, it really is all about how easy these boards are to ride, the character of the SUGARQUBE boards gives you the confidence to try new moves.


How is this done? . It ends up being a combination of single concave bottom, outline shape, fin shape and placement, combined with the characteristics of the Paulownia wood core and glass lay-up. The straps and pads give you a secure feel without locking in the foot to a set angle.


The current range can be regarded as somewhere between freestyle and free ride and is not aimed at wakestyle riders specifically, a bit of the “pop” has been sacrificed in favour of maximising performance in the rough ocean, which means they don’t ride like on rails and can be pushed into slides and carve turns as well as boost off waves. Another target was to give the smoothest ride possible in choppy conditions.


SUGARQUBE KITE BOARDS are made in 3D construction with a paulownia wood core which has been 40 ton pressed.

Laminated with double triaxial fibre glass and epoxy resin on top and bottom.

Single concave with flat rail sections in centre third of board for early planing and loose ride.

The graphics are printed onto the inside of the PBT clear armour layer protecting the board from abrasion and impact.

The ABS rails are rounded and tapered.

Stainless steel inserts.

The boards come standard with the best accessories currently available.



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