SUGARQUBE KITEBOARDS have been designed in Western Australia.


Considered as one of the windiest places on the planet, WA has it all, from world class flat water sports to bone crunching reef breaks with triple overhead waves.


So being a pristine testing ground and having a dedicated horde of world class kite boarders, WA deserves its own kite gear brand.


Ray Quahs, owner of SUGARQUBE, has been involved in the design and shaping of windsurfer boards cince 1982 and kite boards cince 2000

Ray started making only a few kite boards each year, initially modified surf boards, in 2000, which could be called the prehistoric days of kite surfing in Western Australia, and then moved on to twin tip boards a year later.


In the meantime board production has moved on from foam core construction to wood core / snowboard construction.


Kite boards made with the old foam core construction just don't have the same flex characteristics as a wood cored kite board.


Prototypes are still designed in Western Australia and production is now done by dedicated

factories in Europe and Asia.



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